Izzy Shill: Are Sex Comedies Funny?

Actress Izzy Shill has starred in series and films known to households everywhere, like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Orange is the New Black.  But it’s her work as film writer and directress that has made for the most colorful dinner-table conversations.  In her Pandemic-era hit, Face to Face Time, the naïve and dedicated Claire prepares a romantic video-call surprise “date” for her new boyfriend, Danny, only to be rewarded with the worst kind of deception: though Danny abhors Claire’s surprise gesture of romance, he does everything in his power to feign gratification.  Funny enough, in the end, rather than bringing the couple closer together, their common sexual prejudices push them farther apart.  Danny deceives Claire by playing the part he thinks she expects of him, yet she initiated the deception in the first place; Claire is completely uncomfortable throughout, but goes through with it because she thinks it’s expected of her.  Shakespeare would surely agree, “all the world’s a stage” and comedies sometimes hit home in ways that “we-need-to-talk” conversations cannot.  Come welcome Izzy Shill to our show for an intimate look at Face to Face Time and her forthcoming feature film Going Nowhere!

WATCH: YouTube / Facebook

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