The Honorable Christopher C. Rosenquest: What Does a City Mayor Do?

Plattsburgh City Hall (Source: Alex Scrodin/Wikipedia)

Trump, Clinton, Biden… curiously, when citizens in Western countries go into “voting season,” the elected positions farthest removed from voters’ daily lives are usually the most fervently contested.  Yet it is the local elected officials who are responsible for making sure the streets are paved, the police force and fire brigades are responsive and well managed, the water is clean and abundant, the garbage is collected and well disposed of, and in the case of New York City, cleaner air would first be guaranteed by the prohibition of smoking in indoor public places.  Lucky for us, The Honorable Christopher C. Rosenquest, Mayor of the City of Plattsburgh, New York, is coming on Vienna Live to tell us what being a city Mayor is all about and how these less-fêted elected officials are improving our lives in ways presidents and prime ministers could only dream of.

WATCH: YouTube / Facebook

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