Marc Martorana: Education in Motion: Reimagined Learning Spaces

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Metal Desks and chairs, white concrete block walls, loud bells announcing the end of the “learning period;” has the classroom based on the last century’s industrial education model lost its charm? Marc Martorana, a New York City teacher, has adopted an alternative approach. With “Walk and Talk Learning,” Marc is providing tutoring across academic subjects in outdoor settings, utilizing movement, philosophical conversation, and mindfulness-based practices. Rather than sitting still, encumbered by a heavy desk and chair, his students are walking during class. That freedom of motion creates the alert mental state that learning thrives in. Challenging commonly held assumptions that New York city is bereft of natural spaces, Marc is making use of Central Park, especially the Strawberry Fields and North Woods. Come welcome Marc to our show for a discussion on the incorporation of movement and nature into learning.

WATCH: YouTube / Facebook

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