Wah Keung Chan: Montreal’s La Scena Musicale

Around Montreal, as you walk by the entrances to cafés, you will find stands with free tabloid papers of the kind found in any other city in the world.  But Montreal has a secret for those passersby who care to look closely: they will notice that, next to the tabloid papers, lies a monthly periodical exclusively published for classical music lovers.  La Scena Musicale is not just a calendar of and guide to the concerts happening around Montreal and Quebec: it is a phenomenal force for cultural unity.  In a bilingual city, the magazine creates a unique space for dialogue between music lovers from both French and English communities.  Wah Keung Chan, the magazine’s founder and editor-in-chief, probably never intended the magazine to do anything other than promote the music he adores – BTW he’s an engineer and mathematician by training – but Montreal had other designs and La Scena Musicale has just published its 27th volume.  Come welcome Wah Keung to our show and let’s get to know La Scena Musicale!  

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