Michelle Djokic: Open Rehearsals?

Open relationships are not considered legitimate relationships by Western standards: they are viewed as crumbling façades masking partners’ mutual disrespect.  For much the same reason, “open rehearsals” are unpalatable to conservative classical musicians.  They believe that serious musical partnerships are exclusive and based on paring musicians of the same artistic skill level and maturity.  This phenomenon is so pronounced that it is unquestioned practice in higher education: teachers rehearse with teachers and students with students.  But there is reason to believe that “open rehearsals” – meaning inclusive rehearsals that anyone can take part in – can lead to stronger, more respectful relationships for everyone involved.  Michelle Djokic, a Grammy-nominated cellist and daughter of World War II. survivors, applies such an innovative open-rehearsal format to address social ills, the likes of bullying, shaming and exclusion.  To those rehearsals, she brings elite professional musicians to share the rehearsal process with adolescents.  Come welcome Michelle to our show and let’s ask her how it’s going! 

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