Michael Werba: Post-War Musical Vienna (1946-1955)

Erik Werba in rehearsal (no date)

Today, Vienna is widely considered the center of the European Classical music scene.  But the city was decimated during World War II. and, from one day to the next, found itself occupied by both Cold War belligerents.  What were those days like and is it true that music was central to the city’s post-war restoration?  Nobody knows that story better than Michael Werba, Emeritus Musician of the Vienna Philharmonic.  His father, Erik, a piano accompanist and music critic, was a key figure in the musical Vienna of those years.  Erik Werba’s now mythical concerts and recitals took place with musicians the likes of Imgard Seefried, Walter Berry, Willy Boskowsky, Wolfgang Schneiderhan and Christa Ludwig.  Come welcome Michael Werba to our show and he will tell us a very special story about the music that (re)made Vienna.

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