Agata Ewa Kordecka: Micro-Publishing and the Fine Arts

Moving to foreign lands was a tradition in Agata’s family. Even before the Yalta Conference, Stalin was redrawing national borders to project his geo-political power westward. By then, Agata’s grandparents, from Soviet Ukraine and Belarus, had already been forced to leave their homes and move to Krakow. Shortly thereafter, they moved even further west to the former Prussian city Breslau (today called Wrocław, Poland), where they actively participated in the former German city’s Soviet renewal. Agata, albeit for different reasons, moved from Poland to Northern Italy, where, as she ironically laments, “nobody understands her jokes.” Likewise, nobody understands her art: Agata, a professional visual artist, has no local art center to exhibit at and no local artistic community to take part in. Her innovative solution to that artistic solitude was to dispatch her art around the globe by founding her own publishing company. Come welcome to Agata to our show!

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