Maria Krasinski: Art Hiding in Paris 

Self Portrait (2022) by Maria Krasinski

Can the fine arts flourish outside of curated galleries and museums?  Maria Krasinski, an artist & illustrator, says yes.  Her forthcoming book with author Lori Zimmer portrays the “hidden” works of art that transform Paris into a permanent exposition en plein air, yet one which only admits the carefully attentive viewer.  What makes their guide to Paris’ hidden art all the more noteworthy?  Maria brings each artwork to exuberant life through the frame of her own perceptive illustrations.  Oh, and did I mention that Maria is Managing Director of News Decoder, an innovative news service that publishes news by and for a global youth readership?  As journalists are being attacked on all fronts by the many who consider them to be enemies of “the people,” what is the state of journalism today and, ideally, what role should it play in the modern West?  Come welcome Maria to our show!

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