Davide Massa: What Makes a City a City?

We constantly hear talk about cities like Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris – and the list goes on and on – as dynamic national laboratories of happy innovation; it’s in cities where the best and the brightest fight to implement their visions of modernity and improve life for everyone else in the process.  But, just as often, we hear that cities are where crowds of superficial and inauthentic people flock to to run the “rat race” through metropolitan congestion, squalor, alienation, and, in Pandemic times, illness.  So, what makes a city a city?  Transportation and urban development specialist Davide Massa will come on our show to help us understand the unique problems city planners face – like parking lots, which, unnoticed by most of us, wreak havoc – and what some current solutions look like.  Get ready for a very special kind of tourism!

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