Father James Martin, SJ: Learning to Pray 

Father James Martin of the Society of Jesus – also known as the Jesuits – speaks softly, but his words always have a lasting impact on his audience.  This missionary to his own homeland doesn’t like confrontation, but he welcomes it when an open and inclusive Church is at the stake.  Even those who don’t “like” Martin probably admit that he is a courageous follower of Christ; perhaps that’s why he is among the most respected Church voices of today and was appointed as consultor to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications by the Pope, himself.  So, what’s Martin’s secret?  How did he get from successful Ivy-League business student to Fortune 500 businessman to the Editor-at-Large of America magazine?  He would probably not hesitate to tell you that it all started with prayer.  The paperback edition of his latest book, Learning to Pray: a Guide for Everyone, takes the reader through the ups and downs Martin has celebrated and struggled with as he, even as an accomplished man of the cloth, learns to pray.  Come welcome Father Jim to our show and he will show us how prayer truly is meant for everyone.

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