Juan Muñoz: What is Urban Thinking?

Since the industrial revolution, ever more citizens have eagerly left behind self-sufficient rural lifestyles to become wage-earning employees.  Among the tradeoffs of that career switch is moving to crowded urban centers that are ill-prepared to deal with influxes of newcomers.  It’s an historical anomaly, but, today – even in the midst of a global health pandemic – most of the world population lives in cities, and soaring urban real estate prices reflect their undiminished desirability.  So, the designs of urban planners have immense potential to improve human wellbeing, but may be equally difficult to implement.  The architect Juan Muñoz teaches a university-level course called “Urban Thinking.”  Come welcome Juan to our show and he will introduce Urban Thinking and give us a look at cities that all of us would want to call home.  

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