Arsentiy Kharitonov, Cicely Parnas, Peter John: Music Entrepreneurship

The famous anecdote about the 19th-century Impressionist composer Claude Debussy was that, seated at the piano in front of his Paris Conservatoire professor, he played a series of chords that he knew went against everything he had been taught (id est chord progression by parallel fifths).  Debussy then looked at his teacher and asked why anyone in her/his right mind would avoid playing sonorities that were so attractive to her/him.  “You can break the rules because you know them, Claude” was the gist of the professor’s response.  Similar anecdotes are sure to be told about Arsentiy Kharitonov, an award-winning pianist and composer, Cicely Parnas, an award-winning cellist and Peter John, an award-winning pianist and composer: like Debussy, the three graduated from the classical music world’s top conservatories, where they were prepared for careers in a music industry of the past; the rules they learned would not guide them even one step out of the conservatory’s front door.  That’s when entrepreneurship comes in and the chords thicken… Come welcome Arsentiy, Cicely and Peter to our show and get ready for a redefinition of virtuosity.

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