Aline Sam-Giao: Orchestre national de Lyon

Photo: Céline Vautey

Aline Sam-Giao, General Manager of the Orchestre national de Lyon and its two thousand-seat performance space, the Auditorium Maurice Ravel, is probably very aware of the term “stakeholders:” she is responsible for what is at once a public service provided by the City of Lyon, an elite, international performing arts organization and, with one hundred fifty full-time employees, a middle-sized enterprise. After several years on the job, she’s still smiling and brims with enthusiasm for the orchestra’s mission to enrich and enlighten Lyon’s citizens by offering them a space for free thought where they can reimagine the limits of the possible. If you work nearby the Auditorium, you might consider using your lunch break to take part in their team building by music making program. Come welcome Aline Sam-Giao to our show!

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