Carol Baggott-Forte: “ALL voices are uniquely beautiful”

Most doctors will surely agree: if you’ve seen one body, you’ve seen one body. Even as children, it is impressed upon us that each and every human being is inherently unique and special. So, even with a firm understanding that we are a heterogeneous bunch, why is it that we so often try to “fit in” with those around us? For singers, that question is as personal as it is professional: singing like others do may damage one’s voice and lead to the early end of a singing career. Carol Baggott-Forte knows that well: she has been researching it for over forty years. Carol “liberates voices” by coaching singers all over the world to sing in a way that only she or he can. Three of her outstanding pupils, Sharla Nafziger, George Krissa and Brook Fletcher, will join us to share with us just what uniquely beautiful sounds like.

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