Franz Patay: “The Musical Theaters of Vienna”

The City of Music, ever heard of it? When talking about Vienna, we often talk about Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms as if they were, themselves, independent institutions, and leave out of the discussion any mention of the actual theaters that produced the history-making performances of their music. Lucky for us, Franz Patay, Managing Director of four of Vienna’s most renown theaters – Raimund Theater, Ronacher, Theater an der Wien and Wiener Kammeroper – will join us from his headquarters at Vereinigte Bühnen Wien to discuss the central role of Viennese music theaters in the City of Music. Dr. Professor Patay, a lawyer and cultural manager by training, also served at the head of both Viennese music universities, making him one of the foremost authorities on the performing arts. Come welcome Franz Patay to our show and let him introduce you to a whole new perspective of the City of Music.

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