Arianna String Quartet: Beethoven’s String Quartets

The string quartet is one of the most enduring genres of Western classical music. Why is that and why is the string quartet still so popular among today’s audiences? Like cellist Alexander “Sandy” Walsh-Wilson explained to us, the string quartet is an institution: the string quartet is at once a musical document, a set of finely-crafted musical instruments (two violins, one viola and one cello) and, today, four highly specialized professional musicians who spend the lion’s share of their time in each other’s company. The Arianna String Quartet may be an archetype of that institution. Since 1992, its musicians, violinists John McGrosso, Julia Sakharova, violist Joanna Mendoza and cellist Kurt Baldwin, have dedicated their professional lives to performing together the string quartet’s instruments and repertoire at the highest level of artistry. Not surprisingly, they have been met with great international acclaim. Come welcome the Arianna String Quartet and find out what its members’ lives and daily rhythms are like. Ludwig van B. is sure to make a Quartet guest appearance. 

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