ZOFO Piano Duet: “Beethoven’s Symphonies for Piano”

The ZOFO Duet, two pianist who play on one piano to form a “20-Finger Orchestra,” confront a unique set of challenges that most musicians, let alone laymen, will probably ever consider. Take, for example, how to comfortably sit two adults on a single piano bench. Eva-Maria and Keisuke are highly accomplished professional pianists in their own right; why have they dedicated ten years and counting to playing piano four hands? Once you hear their awesome artistic product, you will understand. Most of the classical music we cherish was conceived of by way of the piano. Beethoven’s symphonies are no exception and ZOFO will show us how they put together their most recent performance of classical music most of us know only in the orchestra versions. Oh, and they will also show us what music today’s composers are writing especially for them. Come welcome Eva-Maria and Keisuke and get ready to experience a piano as you have never heard it before.

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