At-Risk Music: Daniel Ayala, Numa Bracamonte, Eddy Fabrizio Castellanos

The Northern Triangle – the Central American region that includes El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala – is considered to be among the most dangerous places on earth. There, homicides are not tragedies, but statistics and rape is not even a statistic, because women are too afraid to report it. As “great” nations to the north and south of the Northern Triangle have prospered, the former have generously “deported” their social problems to the latter, the governmental and societal capacities of which have been utterly unable to cope. The good news is that three valiant musical warriors have dedicated their artistic work to dealing, on a person-to-person level, with problems far too dangerous and dirty for the wealthy world’s leaders to handle. The at-risk music of Daniel Ayala and Numa Bracamonte and Eddy Castellanos makes Beethoven’s Eroica seem tentative. Come meet the brave men who put meaningful in music.

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