Sagi Zilbershatz: My Blind Boss: 10 Lessons of How to Overcome Any Challenge

Why would the UR-Music & Arts Salon present a business man? Isn’t music & art antithetical to money (just don’t call it capital!)? Musicians and artists don’t care about ordinary things, only the extraordinary, right? Not really. By definition an entrepreneur takes (some would even say exorbitant) risks to put the non- in front of fiction. Sagi Zilbershatz has done just that, several times (his books aside). As Preludio’s Andrea Thomas Gambetti told us back in May, risk-taking entails assured defeat and exceptional victories. Then again, isn’t defeat simply a hard-learned lesson? And don’t lessons build character? Come let the UR-Music & Arts Salon convince you of CEO, Sagi Zilbershatz’ artistry.

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