The Final Concert Spirituel, produced by Simeon Morrow, May 26, 2016

May26_Seventh Concert Spirituel Invitiation Poster-page-001

November 29, 1830:

Chopin is alone in Vienna while his beloved compatriots fight to the death in a futile uprising against the Russian occupation of Poland. Four weeks prior, he had left Warsaw as a proud national hero on his first European tour. Never again would he set foot in his homeland. At the turn of that same century, Nicolai Medtner grew up with privilege in the Imperial Russia Tchaikovsky knew and experienced firsthand the foreboding omen of the 1917 October Revolution before emigrating to the West. One hundred years would pass before Alexandre Tsomaia, a pianist set apart from his contemporaries as “especially impressive” by The Wall Street Journal, walks on stage at the conclusion (so may it seem) of Russian civil oppression. Proud son of Georgia, a former Eurasian Soviet Socialist Republic, Tsomaia interprets Chopin’s mature-life Ballade, Op. 52 and Medtner’s interwar Sonata reminiscenza from a particularly authoritative experience.

Three expatriates. Three generations. One humanity.

A dessert reception will be provided at intermission and Sunapee’s Friends of Classical Music have assured that admission is free and no tickets are required.

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