The Sixth Concert Spirituel, produced by Simeon Morrow – Friday April 29, 2016

Famous Moscow pianist will return to Mount Royal Academy to perform the Sixth Concert Spirituel on Friday, April 29 at 7:30pm in the Saint Joseph Center at Mount Royal Academy (26 Seven Hearths Lane, Sunapee).


Moscow pianist Ilya Vanichkin triumphantly returns to Sunapee to play a second concert on Mount Royal Academy’s new grand piano.  His program will focus on two well-known works by Mozart’s mentor, Classical composer Franz Joseph Haydn and the futuristic Romantic composer Franz Lizst.  On the surface, Franz Joseph Haydn and Franz Liszt -the former of the 18th- the latter of the 19th-Century- both having strong professional and familiar bonds to Esterháza (an imperial countryside estate south-east of Vienna), could not be any further apart aesthetically.  However, Vanichkin, the internationally acclaimed piano giant, will, in his own right, reveal to the audience that Haydn and Lizst were both quintessentially mystically-minded composers of concert music. 


To promote social interaction about the music performed -and live classical music in Sunapee, more generally- a delicious dessert reception will be provided at intermission.  Sunapee’s Friends of Classical Music have prepaid the concert’s expenses so that admission is free to the general public (no tickets are required for the concert and dessert reception)

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